Npc spawn points

i was thinking that if anyone could make a spawn point Stool, with the following options on it:

. make the spawn point invisible or visible, an option in the Stools menu.
. when visible make points an object that corresponds to the npc being spawned or just a small disk on ground (maybe drop down menu).
. make metro-cops throw man hacks (like in hl2).
. make npc’s talk to each other to tell each other where the enemy’s are etc, depending on which npc is talking only that “class” of npc can hear them. By class i mean combine/human etc…
. and anything else.

If some of these things are impossible i understand but i thought i would tell people what i would like and if anyone could make it i would be eternally grateful. all the best Hatter.

There is already stools like this on and somewhere else.
But you got to find them yourself because i cant remember the names of them.