NPC Spawn

Hello there.

Some time ago i came across a kind of an NPC Spawn tutorial in hammer, using triggers, npc_spawn and whatnot. Now, the problem is that i can’t find it back, so is there anyone willing to help me by explaining it or linking aa tutorial? That would be greatly appreciated :buddy:

Use an npc_creator (I think that’s the name) and specify the NPC you want and then just have it spawn one when a trigger is triggered.

Very clear…


But anyway, thanks for helping :buddy:

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I made one if that’s what you were referring to sorta?

never watch 3KliksPhillips tutorials by the way.

yeah, sphinxa have some tutorials on that subject (as he said)

What is wrong with 3 kliksphillips then?
Because personaly I find his vids very informative.

condolances on your computer btw.

Well um, it’s actually an npc_maker. Then select the “NPC Class” to find the npc you want. Then hook it up to a button or trigger.

Its Peoples Opinions I find them very helpful also.

3kliksphilips… I don’t think we should go into him. It always leads to an argument or other. Basically he’s been known to feed wrong information, have a large ego, and be rude. That’s really all I’m going to say.

How could he be rude if he is talking to no-one in particular in his videos? Also I find his videos to be very very helpful. Thier great for noobs

The only thing with 3kliksphilips is that he teaches some incorrect things. Doing the right things in a map can end up “killing” your map. So I suggest to people to watch sphinxa’s and firegods tutorials, and to also check out and interloopers

lol interloopers


ok he does have a habbit of saying the wrong things that could lead to being offensive yes