NPC Spawner

Is there anyway I can get like an NPC spawner so when the NPC’s spwan, they move to a rally point? Like i want to make a sweet fort, then have spawn points with endless combines spawning and running towards the fort as opposed to when they spawn and just stand and shoot from where they spawned. Can i get it so they run to the fort after spawing?

EDIT: On the level “combine attack” Combines spawn from one side and run at you, and even into the base. how can i get that?

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NPC Spawner tool. Jesus.

Get the stool turret addon, make an automatic mover turret (with the npc control addon) set it to a timer (you can get one from Conna’s stools). Use the stool turret mod to create a turret set to the npc spawn tool, ensure that the npc spawn tool is set to your specifics (make sure auto select is checked). Set this turret to another timer (create it just after you create the first one so it will go off just after). Now, you should have a nice set up where your stool spawner turret will spawn a combine soldier once the first timer has activated, then the second timer will activate and fire the stool mover turret and the soldier will move to the spot where you aimed the mover turret. This process will repeat itself until you remove your timers.

Sorry if this is confusing, I hope it helps :slight_smile:

yeah, but they just sit there when they’ve been spawned. I want them to spawn, then run to a certain point.

or you can just get the NPC control add-on


If you are usif fast zombies. you need to throw a grenade 5 meters from the spawn point. you need to let the zombies kill you and they will sniff your corpse, after, they can follow you wherever the map and kill you now. Its how i set up a zombie survival.

I can’t use the NPC control for npc spawners. And I want combines more than zombies.