NPC Spawner

Is there anyway I can get like an NPC spawner so when the NPC’s spwan, they move to a rally point? Like i want to make a sweet fort, then have spawn points with endless combines spawning and running towards the fort as opposed to when they spawn and just stand and shoot from where they spawned. Can i get it so they run to the fort after spawing? AN example iso n the level “combine attack” Combines spawn from one side and run at you, and even into the base. how can i get that?

I don’t know how to lua but I think this is possable with a set of differant tools; 1 for an assault_rallypoint, 1 for an assault_assaultpoint and one for an ai_goal_assault… The only problem I can think of is changing the propertys of the npc you want to assault to change his name and template him for an npc_template_maker. Also, you need to do this on a noded map for the npcs to make it at long distances.
More info about it here :v: