Npc spawning problem

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could help me with a little problem I’ve got. I’ve made a little map that has a bunch of npcs spawning via a load of info_npc_spawn_destination entities. I’ve tested the system quite a bit, it has worked in HL2 EP2, Obsidian Conflict multiplayer, and Gmod singleplayer. But when I try it in Gmod multiplayer, no npcs spawn.

If it’s any help, the npcs spawn by this method:

There’s a permanently active logic_relay, which is triggered by a door opening. The relay then starts a logic_timer, which is set to fire every 2 minutes. When it fires, it makes a logic_case pick a random case out of 6 options. 4 options enable different npc_template_makers (one of which is case 1), and the other 2 don’t spawn any. The spawners are disabled every time the timer fires too, 5 seconds before a case is picked. The spawners are set to spawn npcs at any of the 70+ info_npc_spawn_destinations, all of which have the same name (otherwise it wouldn’t work)

So, does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this problem to happen only in multiplayer? As I’ve tried searching around for answers to no avail, and I can’t seem to be able to work around it in hammer either. The console doesn’t show up anything, and I’ve done a bit of testing out each part of the system and I know that the logic_relay, the logic_case, and the doors are all not causing the problem, so my guess is that it’s the spawn destinations. I’ve had a friend try running it in both multiplayer and singleplayer in his Gmod too, and he got the same results. Is anything in Gmod’s multiplayer code stopping it from working? As I’m now stumped for ideas.

Regards, Sabre.


Ok, in hindsight, maybe a brand new thread wasn’t such a great idea. Ah well, if it dies, it dies.

Tested another map that uses info_npc_spawn_destinations, that doesn’t work in multiplayer either. I guess the enities just don’t work in Gmod multiplayer then. A shame.

sbox_maxnpcs console command. See if that fixes anything.

Pretty sure it’s to do with the limits of the gamemode/not a mapping problem.

Ok, well, I’ve been testing it in sandbox, and the max npcs was 200, so I’m not so sure that the limit’s causing it, as the amount of npcs is a lot less than that.

Considering, yeah, it might be the gamemode’s fault, but then again I’ve never had any issues with sandbox. I’ll try running it in another gamemode tomorrow, as over here it’s too late to do anything now.

Otherwise, thanks for the input guys, appreciated.

Ok, well, changing the gamemode didn’t help either, but maybe it was just a bad choice. Although really, the map does work, it’s already been proven, and half the point of using the map in gmod was to be able to use it in multiplayer sandbox, which is unfortunate as it doesn’t work. Does anyone know if an update broke some of the entities or something in multiplayer? I might try sending an e-mail to garry, but something tells me that that wouldn’t really change anything. Might be worth a shot though, but I figure I might as well see if anyone can help here first.

So, is there anyway of getting the desired effect of having a set amount of npcs spawn at changing parts of the map without using info_npc_spawn_destinations? As that might provide an easier way around this.