NPC Speed Tool

Hey folks, I was just searching around the web for a tool that I needed that would be used for changing the speed of an NPC. example; If I wanted a slow zombie to be more like a running zombie I would simply Disable AI, pull out the speed tool, and change to a speed I liked. Once I undisabled the AI, the zombie would still have the same animations but move significantly faster or slower if I desired. It would be like making running zombies without the hassle. It’s a pretty simple tool but I think it would get alot of popularity. Anyway I didn’t find one so I guess the idea is up for grabs. Anyone who wants to make it, who has even little experience shoud go for it. I know that the tool would get my DL and probably everyone elses who enjoys fooling around or even making machinima’s. That’s all I have to say until next time. Happy Modding!

P.S. - If someone releases it, lemme’ know :wink:

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Sorry mate.

If it could be done, someone would have already been all over it.

NPC speeds are dictated in their models, unfortunately. I’ve talked to various people, both modellers and scripters (are respected ones, such as grea$emonkey and Kogitsune), and it’s just not possible. At least not from a Lua standpoint.

If it could be done from Garry’s side, I don’t know. All I know is we can’t do it.

I’ve heard rumors that changing the animation speeds can increase their speeds, but I’ve tried it, and never got it to work. Unless someone can prove me otherwise, and provide the code to support it, then I’m going to stick it “it’s not possible.”

A couple years ago back when I had time to do that type of stuff, I successfully made a Speed Tool which I only actually used on my Rebels because I was tired of them falling behind in a fight. I was able to get alot of lua files linked to console commands which changed the speed of anything. You could simply do it in Left 4 Dead or Half-life 2 by using the console, but the console in Gmod was and still is a little messy so I wasn’t able to change speed in the console, that’s where the tool came in. All I’m saying is that the tool isn’t impossible, I don’t think anything is. Maybe when I get home in a few months I’ll start the tool from scratch; if it’s not completed then by someone else. But I appreciate your response.

This sounds great to me.

I’m sorry, but I’m having a hard time buying that something as simple as a console command can change their speeds. I’m pretty certain I have never seen a console command that even affects movement speed. Attack speeds maybe, but I have never seen any console command for move speed.

As for the Lua part of it, well. Between me, grea$emonkey, and Kogitsune, we couldn’t come up with anything.

If you can prove me wrong on any front, though, please do. I would imagine there are very few people who would wish to be able to manipulate NPC speeds quite as much as I do. You don’t even know how many gamemode ideas I’ve scrapped because I can’t manipulate NPC speeds short of making craploads of custom models.

[cpp] DEFINE_INPUTFUNC( FIELD_VOID, “ActivateSpeedModifier”, InputActivateSpeedModifier ),
DEFINE_INPUTFUNC( FIELD_VOID, “DisableSpeedModifier”, InputDisableSpeedModifier ),
DEFINE_INPUTFUNC( FIELD_INTEGER, “SetSpeedModRadius”, InputSetSpeedModifierRadius ),
DEFINE_INPUTFUNC( FIELD_INTEGER, “SetSpeedModSpeed”, InputSetSpeedModifierSpeed ),[/cpp]

I guess it’s just a matter of ent_fire work, although I’ve never seen any documentation for those inputs and never managed to get them to work. Maybe they used to work but don’t anymore.

Isn’t the speed modifier used when a rebel is far away from you,you turn the other way and he runs like crazy to catch up with you?
Because,if it is so,it’s always enabled for rebels in garrysmod.

It’s used in some CS:S Deathrun maps to increase the speed of the Death. I’m not sure if it works on NPC’s though.

That sounds accurate, seeing as there’s a radius and a modifier speed.

I’ll see if I can get them to do anything with rebels.


I can’t get them to do anything. They are rebel inputs, but they don’t seem to have much an effect on anything.

That’s an entity, player_speedmod or something like that, I don’t remember, but it can be used only on players.

Also, I tried to find out how those inputs work, and it seems that they are used nowhere. They just set a few variables which are never used anywhere. Probably scrapped features then.