NPC Suggestions

Hey there Rust enthusiasts,

I’ve seen quite a lot of posts recently about bringing zombies back, mini bosses and other threats to the player instead of other players and the heli. So let’s all think of NPC('s) that would improve gameplay and also pose a threat to the player.

There are a few things we should take in consideration before we can just add an extra threat like the helicopter.

- Can it only be killed by end-game items?
Because right now you’ve the chopper, it can only be downed by people who are in endgame and have guns, it drops items to craft a sentry that defends your base. So it will make the gap between the strongest of the server and the people before end game bigger. A NPC that is able to be taken with bow/Crossbow or eoka pistols but would still put up quite a challenge with gun is what we should be looking for.

- Can it be killed solo? We shouldn’t forget about the lonewolve players out there, this NPC could also spawn a lot more frequently then the chopper and you might run into it while out exploring.

- Can you out-manoeuvre it by jumping on something? You shouldn’t be able to jump on something and the NPC wouldn’t be able to reach you. If you were to taunt the NPC and hide in your base it should be able to damage your walls to the point that it’s able to destroy it so you’ll have to finish what you started. If this is NPC is going to be able to spawn anywhere then it should be a neutral NPC that would only attack if damaged or if you get to close.

**- Can it destory (other) player’s buildings? **So this NPC should be able to reach you if you hide in your own base, but it should not be able damage buildings that aren’t yours, or it should so you could actually use it in your advantage if you know how to kite it.

**- What would it drop? **This is very important, it should be rewarding, unique and something to explore the map for.

~ if I forgot something, leave it in the comments please, I’ll try to keep this post up to date.

So let’s that with some ideas I came up with or simply found in other threads on the Facepunch Rust Forum or this Subreddit.

**NPC: Big animal like Mammoth/Elephant **Suggestion by HoolignA big animal, could have tons loads of HP because of a thick skin, could drop materials like horn/ivory, a special kind of leather, animal skull. Could have a charge ability, stands still for a couple of seconds to determine where to charge, then tries to ram the target, does damage on structures. Will also try to charge walls if player decide to hide. Does not have to be a mammoth could also be something like a rhino, hippo or buffalo. I personally think that Rhino’s / Buffalo’s would fit the most in Rust. Could also be a herd existing out of multiple animals, vary’ing in colour they could have different attacks, they could also accidently charge eachother. Arrows, throwing weapons does more damage towards them. We could also take a less realistic approach and make it more like a chimeara or an animal that had a Technical upgrade.

NPC: Caretaker Well, yeah. Reference folders. Could drop some mid-game weapons and armour(blueprints), Low quality metal ? Maybe even little parts for a dirt bike? Shoots some sort of pistol bullets, but in short bursts with a delay inbetween bursts. Would be cool to have very intimidating sounds. Could use innacurate homign missisles, aka flying all over the place. When killed this thing should smoke like crazy making it visible to other players. Might encourage others to steal or maybe congratulate the victors. Could spawn in radtowns, dropped down by cargo plane or just randomly spawn and roam the lands.
NPC: Zombies** I personally don’t like this idea, but I’ve seen quite a lot of people that do so I’m just going to leave it here. They could drop damaged clothing. Walk in groups and make intimidating noises. Take damage and eventually break down wooden doors/windows and climb through. They could spawn anywhere, but like to stick around radtowns. Why I personally hate this idea is because there are ton of games out there with zombies right now. Rust should have his own type of NPC’s. It would be the same as adding dinosaur npc’s, it wouldn’t make Rust feel like Rust. However, I like the idea of zombie animals. I don’t think zombies will add a lot of value to game progress as they won’t really drop recourses you don’t already have. Neither do zombie animals, but atleast they look cool and aren’t overused.

NPC: Coyote, Hyena / small hunting animal pack Small group of animals, that hunts you down, they’ll try to attack you from behind and sneak behind you. This might become a hell of a job to code but Garry said he could code anything and Unity isn’t limiting him in anyway so he or someone else on the team should be able too code it. Another problem is loot, what kind of loot do you expect from a small animal like this beside what we already have. They do form a threat tho’ and I’d call being hunt down by a pack quite immersive if they make some sort of sounds like they are communcating with eachother.
NPC: Mechanical Animals** These could be rare, dropped down from planes something like that. If you haven’t seen the reference pics I had in mind here they are. They could drop metal parts for advanced crafting towards raiding tools. There could be smaller ones and bigger ones who are kinda rare, the big ones could drop a tool/chip which can be used to reprogram a smaller one after you’ve done enough damage to it to take it down, then you could repair it with a few HQ metal en normal metal frags and ride it/ have it guard your base. This gives a little tool that might help you defend your base in mid-game. It could be slower then a end-game vehicle like buggy or dirtbike and faster then a horse which could be a pre-mid game mount. They should be rare and spawns should be biome specific, like a bear spawns in the snow, a rhino in the dessert. That should motivate people into exploring.

I hope you guys liked it, would you like to add a NPC to the list, then please go in detail, how would this anime tackle buildings, is it aggresive by default etc.

Hey! Thanks for these suggestions.
As a matter of fact, I did think about a special type of NPC:
House servants: It is a big stretch because even without being a developer I know that it would be obviously a great deal of work but…

  • They could manage cooking and furnace replacement.
  • They could make automatic triage of objects (if only you have a way to “set” a storage to a specific item category).
  • They could accompany you on the harvest/exploration as another pair of arms to carry stuff or defend (wich an average aim to make them lesser than an actual human ally).
  • They could be assigned to turret when we are offline.

Why bother will you say? Well, I have only my personal experience to speak from but, I feel that the end-game is a bit boring. Once you got a solid base and a decent deal of goods in your storages, you basically either try to big bigger buildings or craft explosives to raid. Only this.

Bringing a household NPC could add to the mix, by bringing a slow but constant consumption of resources (since you have to give him cloth and regular food/water) in exchange for discharging you from petty work and giving some extra benefits.

Also, as far as turrets are concerned, it would feel more coherent with the current Rust background than fully automatic turrets.
Crafting weapons like rocket launcher or code lock is already a good stretch but still accessible with efforts to any man with some technical common knowledge.
Being able to build turrets and programming them to…

  • automatically make facial recognition;
  • aim and fire.
    Would actually require a far higher and broader level of skills than any of the other craft, making this a bit awkward as is.
    Same with the planned (and very cool) notifications system. Feels more natural that you hired someone to come alert you than be “magically warned”.

But, hey, I know this is extremely complex and they have tons of other features to take care already so… It’s just a dream that I like to share. :slight_smile:

Dont get me wrong at this point im just very confused how people always tend to zombies even if Radiation is the Theme of the Game

What about Mutants. I mean they can have like everypossible appearance. Animals ,Humans , everything could get Mutated and the variation and ideas to create some foes are clearly umlimited

i mean you could even have the sameones in variations

I am all for the PVE aspect of the game and would love be to see something implemented but they can’t even get the animals to walk around the map without getting stuck or glut hint through rocks so I think this is a bit premature. Fix AI then make some NPC elements

More mechanics NPC for Rust!