NPC Vote Discussion.

Hey i love the idea of the caretaker? but is there any possible way in a dev blog, Or community Blog. that we can have another vote on what kind of NPC’s you guys may like in rust? This is a very touchy subject to me, I feel like the NPC’s have the potential to prove to the world that this is not your every day run of the mill game. This is rust, I loved the idea’s on Mythical Creatures! Aliens…ect.
The caretaker seems amazing, but that’s a side event NPC…Even just a bit of talk about where the future might lead for non player characters would really expand on how great rust can, and will be in our future! Lets fill these lands with things to hunt or be hunted bye besides player interaction. Good Luck and i am excited to see the caretaker wreck houses…maybe he can tell when houses have no loot and players have been gone, he can be clean up crew! Or i was thinking Tornado’s that suck up anything NOT stone…

I could see rust being an alien planet…crazy star’s and planets in the sky…Aliens wandering, small ship landings…see the ships can be where the loot is at, and they guard it, it could tie into any robots that would walk the land. as cool as that sounds…what about mythical creatures? I love building castles and the unique variety of mythical creatures are ENDLESS!!! not to mention unique…maybe throw in some swords for people who would like to Roleplay MOD Medieval times server?