NPC Waypoint/Navigation?

No, this question isn’t about NPC nodegraphs using Hammer - I already know how to do that. But my question is, is there any LUA script or tool that allows the player to selectively spawn a menu of your SNPC’s/NPC’s, displace waypoints for them to run or walk (gives you an option) and makes them patrol back and forth, in circles, or just forward?

The reason why I’m asking this is because Silverlan’s famous Half-Life Renaissance: Reconstructed has this feature but the main problem is you can only spawn default Hl2 npc’s and not custom-made Npc’s with new models on them.

For example, I have a whole NPC menu of citizens with soldiers clothing, when I try and spawn them using Silverlan’s Patrol Waypoint Generator the citizens that spawn are not with the soldiers clothing (custom model NPC) but of the standard, default citizen. It goes the same for any npc, it’s only default. SNPC’s are different and fine to spawn since they use a totally different NPC code/source. The custom NPC’s are different is that they only have a model overwritten over their default model - but they’re still the same NPC, if that makes sense. That’s the type of NPC that I have trouble spawning with their custom model/clothing.

To put a long story short, can anyone modify his Patrol Waypoint tool and enhance it so that when you spawn a custom NPC with a new model it will spawn that NPC with its own custom model? Please respond, this is a big issue for me because I want to make missions where soldiers can patrol back and forth but I want to use my custom npc’s for the patrolling as well.

Silverlan, you think you could help me out?