NPC weapon adding

well I’m starting to be a lua coder so how do I add npc weapons

for example how do I get a npc to use a swep like the fallout 3 Combat shotgun?

And how do I get it to work?

Well i now have made fallout 3 npc weapons but they appear in the list but do not appear with the npc

what i do in the lua

list.Set( “NPCWeapons”, “weapon_fo3_combatshotgun”, “combat shotgun” )

Inside your addons folder do you have a folder called “Autorun”? If not that’s probably your problem, just move your file into there.

the lua file is in there, that is not my problem

i am trying to get npcs to use the sweps from this pack

and this one

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list.Set( “NPCWeapons”, “weapon_fo3_combatshotgun”, “Combat Shotgun” )
list.Set( “NPCWeapons”, “weapon_fo3_laserrifle”, “laser Rifle” )
list.Set( “NPCWeapons”, “weapon_fo3_alienblaster”, “Alien Blaster” )
list.Set( “NPCWeapons”, “weapon_fo3_fatman”, “Fat man” )

what i put in the list again

the real problem is that they show up in the list but when i spawn a npc with a fo3 weapon they are empty handed

and they are not invisible.

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ok i got some progress, the Alien blaster, combat shotgun, laserrifle, do not work well and npcs can not fire it, fatman can be used by npcs
i got this done by renaming fo3_combatshotgun to weapon_combatshotgun

if anyone has a ideas on how to fix this problem with the other weapons, please tell me

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for those who want proof i am working on this , this is the fat man that is shootable

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these are the weapons that need to be fixed

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npc firing the fatman

the best part is this is the one with the least errors only 3 messages show up

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so is anyone going to help, there is a reward if you help

These weapons were never designed to work with npc’s you’d have to adjust the code within the weapons scripts themselves.

how do i do that?