npc weapon tool bar

i am have you ever had a problem in gmod where you download too many add-on’s for your npc’s for them to use more weapons, the npc weapons bar becomes too big so you can’t select all the weapons. I have an idea how about under the tool menu in the q menu with a tab in witch there is a list of all the weapons and add-on’s you have for your npc’s. Once you select one of them you can select the weapon under that add-on when you select it once you spot an npc that can use weapons they will spawn with that weapon.

do you understand what I am trying to say?

No. Please explain in proper grammar.

Oh i get it, like there is a huge list next to the NPC’s just like the weapons tab on top of the spawn menu. Except instead of being weapons its “NPC Weapons” and you click one and then spawn your NPC and whatever weapon is selected the NPC spawns with? I think =X

oh yes Gentlemen oh yes