Npc weapon?

I do not have CS:S so could someone please remove the CSS weapons from the weapon selection in the npcs tab?


Oh god fucking dammit, as usual i get ignored and some fucktards rate me dumb

uhh… just don’t use them?

did you download anything intended for people without CS:S, big addon packs or swep packs?


Just click the collapsible tab on the top, its the best you could do for now.

try going through your “garrysmod” and “addons” directories and look for anything that says CS:S, npc and weapons, and that’s probably the root of you problem. Really easy but it takes a fuckload of time. Sorry I can’t be much more help.

Ok, I’m not sure if anyone gets what i am saying. I don’t have CS:S and could someone please make a .lua file that removes the CS:S weapons from the npc weapon menu?

They’re not even supposed to be in the NPC weapon menu. We’re not making a script to disable whatever addon you’ve installed that’s doing it.

I did not install a single addon that required CSS


I think I’m being rated dumb by the same guy and he is following me O_O

That kind of thing happens. Could you explain what exactly the problem is? When you come to give weapons to an NPC you can give him CSS sweps? Like I’m saying that’s not in vanilla gmod. Try this : Rename your garrysmod folder and start the game to see if you still have that problem.

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I want the CSS weapons out of the npc weapons tab, because they are useless since that I don’t have CS:S, they take up space. I just find it very irritating.

i acctually have the same problem, but mine is much bigger. almost every swep i download for gmod also comes in the npc weapon list, so now i have so many weapons so i cant see most of the npc weapons cause the list is so long that it goes under the screen, so i,ve lost many standard weapons, like the smg, rpg, shotgun, the second pistol (the good one), dont remember its name :P, and grenade. plus a couple of other guns that i’ve downloaded especialy for npc’s.

Sounds like a pirate. If you don’t have CS:S the content shouldn’t load in the first place.

i do have the css content, but its not only css weapons that show up, even other weapons that ive added, like for example, mad cows weapons, they show up in the npc weapon list

1: Close CS:S weapon menu
2: Ignore the CS:S weapon menu
3: Buy CS:S
4: Delete the CS:S weapons

Hope these things help.

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