NPC Weaponary (Please Read!)

Hi guys, I need some weapons similar to CS:S weapons like modern weapons for example: Deagle, 9mm, M4, Spas 12, AK47 to shoot yo ass up, you know, that kinda of stuff. And MOST importantly, I need NPCs to be able to use them with proper animations (By that for example I mean I don’t want rebels to hold a M16 like a frickin’ pistol.) But they don’t need to work for combine soldiers since barely any custom weapons work for combine soldiers. So can anyone find me a working pack on, or even make one for me? Just upload it to megaupload or and send me a link! Or if you find one also send me a link. :smile:

Thanks for taking the time to read this message
I really do appreciate it. Have a nice day! :dance:


OH! And I almost forgot, make sure the pack comes
with both pistols and rifles. Or you can send me 2
seperate links to the pistols and one to the rifles.
Thanks again lol :smile:

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