NPC weld stool

There should be an npc weld stool, no not the npc weld thats in the weapons tab, where you can only do sertain things, i mean like a tool, in the construction tab, were you can weld an npc to anything, and the part of the npc thats welded is frozen, unlike the npc weld gun were the npc can pivot freely on any prop

A tool that would allow you to weld to any npc would be very very useful it it is possible.
You can already weld to city scanners, manhacks, and I believe a few others.
I would imagine it would be possible.

Yes yes we need this combine mechs yes yes yes!

but if we can weld NPCs to stuff, can we also do it the other way around and weld stuff to the NPC? (cone hat/ melon head NPC would be interesting)

This would be useful. Weld cameras to NPC’s to watch where they go without having to watch them in first person mode.

Here you go