NPC welder final version!

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] NPC welder

[tab]Version:[/tab] Final

[tab]Description:[/tab] SWEPs which fires NPCs that weld to props!

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] None

[tab]Download link:[/tab]See below[/release]

Please read the rest of the thread for more info!

NPC welder is sweps that have 2 NPCs on each and can attach to any prop.

Here’s some pic’s:

Known bugs and issues: The scanners get stuck into some props (I think i can’t find a way to fix this but leave a message at download in show chat or pm me if you think there is a way).

The pack includes ALL of the NPCs and the extra ones which requires extra NPCs and the fast zombie torso from episode 1 which requires episode 1 to work. Except for manhack and rollermine because Garry already did that.

So go bang bang! And laugh as the NPC’s struggle to move around and see the objects fly behind giving them weight so they can sometimes fall of edges!


Do you know how to edit your first post? You didn’t need to make another thread you should have edited the first post on the Version 1 thread.

Anyways pretty cool!

Sorry, it was just the title and logo.

Can you attach ropes to the N.P.C.s with this? Or just welds

Very Nice!! this could be very useful!
High Five! :smiley:

It just spawns NPCs onto props.


Note: There might be a few more bugs, please tell me.

This rocks ass! Good Job! :smiley:

Just to note: If you don’t like this then don’t rate and reply with a flame, so remember: If you don’t like it don’t reply then!

It’s just so damn stupid, it’s like people only caring about games and downloads being good and they hate the person because of downloads being rubbish. I hope everyone learnt their VALUABLE lesson!

i really need this very great…!!!

Maybe you can fix the scanner bug by placing them less close to the props.

But wouldn’t it be better if it is a STool.
Because you could choose what to weld without having to spawn a new SWep.
And you could be able how close you place them to the object you wanted them welded to.

Any way nice thing.

I’m working on a STool! :wink:

Oh, and the bug problem, i’ll see to that later.

This should be entertaining, good job.
I agree with Rusty Spoonz, though, a rope/elastic to things option on the stool would be nice. Will the stool have all of the npcs too?

Also, that first pic is perfect, I nearly crap my pants every time I check this thread for updates.

Thanks, but there is already STool called NPC mover which ropes NPCs onto objects, that’s why i didn’t do roping or elastic. But i’m still working on the STool.

But that one mind controls the NPC too, I want them to react normally, I wanna see the GMan panic as he is chased by head crabs and is weighed down by a cargo container. :smiley:

Ok, in a STool.

is it like a manhack welder that garry made but with more npcs, or is it just the weld tool that can weld to npcs?

It’s a script i made with part of garry’s script, i can change the sprites and sounds etc but i can’t be arsed. If you want a shockwave explosion, fire or nothing version, just ask.

It spawns NPCs on to props

Ah, the ctscanner isn’t getting “stuck” to props, it just can’t carry some heavy props. Another words, it can’t take the weight. Get the weight STool to fix that.

Personally, I think it would be more useful if you were to just find a way to make the NPCs from the spawn menu fusable. Just a thought. Still pretty nice though.