NPC Won't aim where he's going

Basically telling the NPC to go there with
self:SetLastPosition( datpos )
self:SetSchedule( SCHED_FORCED_GO )
It works, but the NPC won’t look there… how do I make him look the path? TASK_FACE_PATH won’t work, maybe I’m doing it wrong?
local face = ai_schedule.New( “AIPlayerNPCface” )
face:EngTask( “TASK_FACE_PATH”, 0 )
then called with
self:StartSchedule( face )

I think there are a bunch of tasks that don’t work. I’m trying to use TASK_MELEE_ATTACK1 and 2, but they don’t do anything. Using the schedule for attacks works, though.

Well, some tasks need objectives, I guess your TAKS_MELEE_ATTACK1/2 isn’t working because you haven’t specified any enemy/target.

I tried specifying target and such or using a schedule to face a target but nothing… won’t work…
What can I do?

That’s not helping, thanks anyway.

My NPCs had the same problem, when I did that is was fixed. It’s worked for a few other people. Can you paste your whole NPC code?

local AttackWindow1 = ai_schedule.New(“SCHED_ATTACK_WINDOW1”)
AttackWindow1:AddTask(“SetTarget”, “nz_window”)
AttackWindow1:EngTask(“TASK_FACE_TARGET”, 0)
AttackWindow1:EngTask(“TASK_SET_IDEAL_YAW_TO_CURRENT”, 0)
AttackWindow1:EngTask(“TASK_MELEE_ATTACK1”, 0)

SetTarget just uses NPC:SetTarget on the nearest entity with the classname passed to it. It faces the entity, but doesn’t attack or stay facing that way.

Since you seem to need help setting a target, here’s what I used:

function ents.FindByDistance(class, pos)
local Ents = ents.FindByClass(class)
table.sort(Ents, function(a, b) return pos:Distance(a:GetPos()) < pos:Distance(b:GetPos()) end)
return Ents

function ENT:TaskStart_SetTarget(Class)
self:SetTarget(ents.FindByDistance(Class, self:GetPos())[1])

function ENT:Task_SetTarget()

Doesn’t look like aiming to that entity… and the problem isn’t in the entity trust me.

What I’m doing is pasting your code then use the task.