Npc Wont Move

I have looked near and far google and facepunch fsbananas and gmod wiki, and have found nothing to this problem of mine. when im singleplayer muiltplayer listen server also on a dedicated server most of my npc dont move they stand still if i move like the choper it will fly back to where it spawned if i move and human type npc it will stay where i leave it but wont move the strider dont move also i can move it in the sky…of the ground and it stays right there.i have install gmod over and also tryed to use a brand new one with no addons i still cant figure out how to get them dam npc to move around the map like i belive there supposed to also the bird npcs dont do shit also they just stay there move like in a circle on one point i move tham they dont do nothing i shot around them nothing…i have read that i was supposed to give much info about he problems i have tryed to give as much detail to this glitch or error of mine if u need more info i will get back to you asap…thanks for all ur help any information would be greatly needed


Probably because the map doesn’t have AI nodes.

thnks for the reply i will try to find a map that has some to see if this is the problem sounds correct

i have tested it on another map and ur correct thx im going to add some to the other maps now that i know what they need

Yeah, it’s annoying when mappers don’t put efficient AI nodes >.<