npc_antlion_grub has no damage filter

How do I make npc_antlion_grub invincible? It has no damage filter and I don’t see any set health options in the inputs.

I believe the npc_antlion_grub was a very basic NPC, so that they could place many around without causing any performance issues. The only thing I could image you could do, is to cover the entire grub carefully in an invisible custom model that fits like a shielding.

Well if it doesn’t need to be that exact just put a player clip and/or bullet clip and/or whatever you need box around it and parent it if the grub moves.

Haha, the blockbullet thing worked. I put a box around the grub. It even protects against the rpg and grenades.

Ah. Glad to hear it. Never actually tried myself, more of an assumption. It’s sad really; I haven’t been on Hammer in months, cuz my comp’s soooo crap that I can’t even test the maps. Gotta wait till summer to get a decent laptop. :frown:

The grub NPC cannot move unless parented to a moving object.