So I can spawn loads of npc_* types with no problem, but for some reason when I try npc_monk, he has this permanent gunholding/backing up animation going on, although he doesn’t actually move. I use identical code to spawn the NPC’s, and for all the other types I’ve tried, they just stand still with their hands at their side like I want.

Is there something special about npc_monk?

Also, if I spawn npc_citizen and then set the model to “models/monk.mdl”, he T-poses and hovers a little in the air, although this seems to happen anytime I set the model of the npc.

So apparently, setting the NPC’s x angle to something besides 0 makes it’s feet constantly move, the more the angle the more the feet move… Really bizarre…

So anyways I have the moving feet fixed for the time being, but I still can’t make npc_monk stop holding an invisible gun. I printed his active weapon, which is null, and tried giving him a SWEP in the gamemode where your hands are at your side. His active weapon updated, but still he looked like he was holding an invisible gun. I also tried setting his schedule, and his state. Both had no effect.