npc_surface dead?

I know this isn’t lua, but, I know a few lines of lua are required to SPAWN something NOT made in lua, and make appear in the spawn menu, but, is there any way to get the famous npc_surface for gmod? A lua version, or C++, or ANYTHING…

No there is not.

Code for a similar entity is available in the sdk, but it’s most likely not included in gmod.

could someone perhaps take the code from the SDK, and make a Lua Spawn icon (a few lines of Lua to make it appear in the entities or NPCs list)

It doesn’t work that way…

I will not make a new thread on this, but it is related.
If this is not the place to request things like NPC’s, then what board would you do that on? I actually have to make a request myself.

This is the place to request NPCs, but I knew that this wasnt a Lua NPC, so I was a little scared to put it here.


It’s just a bunch of physics spheres with some clever mesh rendering to make
them look connected.

Jorge “Vino” Rodriguez

Does that help with the construction of the NPC, even in Lua?