npc_vehicledriver problems

As the title says, i am having problems with the npc_vehicledriver entity. I’ve set it to drive a jalopy. It drives it fine, untill it encounters a turn. It is following the path_corner’s in a strange way. I made 2 badly drawn pics. Grey is the road, the orange squares and the lines between them are the path_corner’s, and the green line is how the car drives along the path_corner’s.

Pic 1:

Pic 2:

Why does it drive like this? It makes the npc_vehicledriver kinda buggy after each bump or hit it takes.

Thanks in advance

The reason for this is that valve never used it and the entity is unfinished.

Hmm okay. Then i wonder how they did that in Mobenix?

They didn’t lol…I always beat the NPC drivers. They suck!

try npc_apcdriver.

Good idea, ill let you now how it turned out


That doesnt work, it works on APC’s only, and i want the jalopy’s =(


I know how they did it in mobenix. They used a custom vehicle script.