npc_zombie doing no damage.

Hi, the class npc_zombie does no damage to players in my gamemode. All other npc’s do damage and zombies work in sandbox so its not a server content problem. I run thru my lua files and there are no functions altering damage in any way so my question is, do you know of anything that could cause this? Btw i derive sandbox. Thanks

You probably have the collision group set for the players.

Try and find something where it changes collision group for players, Search All in Notepad++ (COLLISION_GROUP_) if you want to find it somewhat easily.

nope, “Search “COLLISION_GROUP_” (0 hits in 0 files)”

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as i said, all other npc’s work

Hmm, are your players no collided at all?

no sir.

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The zombies dont pass thru them or anything, they just dont seem to be able to hit the player :o

I notice this on my server too; the zombies can hit me; but they are extremely slow and unresponsive…

Your players aren’t no collided via any other methods? Can 1 player walk through another player?

Is sk_zombie_dmg_one_slash > 0?

Hmm it was 0 but even after setting it to 30 it does not seem to even hit me.