This is my NPC GUIDE

He is just a little guide who helps new users.

Its easy to configure at “/addons/gmangui/lua/autorun/config.lua
Don’t forget to upload the materials folder on your fastdl.

Maybe i’ll add soon a daily reward to him.

Just drag it in the addons folder

ConsoleCommand to save = gman_save





Yeah, sorry. I used the german word for it :smiley:

Great addon, however, I recommend cleaning your scripts up. Also, I sent you a pull request to change the “Titel” to “Title” lol.

I keep reading NextBot is the better NPC base to use.

this doesn’t look like that kind of NPC, it looks more suited for a helper/talking NPC that would be best for ingame FAQs/job guides (for darkrp, anyway)

Little update, now you can add custom Buttons to your contents.