NPCs acting wierd on my dedserve

On my dedicated server, I have quite a many issues-it’s not from addons either. I have the same on my client, and before any were on it happened too.

1)First, NPC’s animations are screwed up. When citizens fire their guns, they lay down and fire, and as quickly as the bullet hits the person, get back up. Eli’s idle animation is him laying down repeatedly like the prisoners in early HL2. Vorts do the upside down model viewer type idle with intermitant wierdness. Police don’t make sounds, etc.

2)AK47 sound is not working (seems to be on all servers though, and not just me)

3)Sound emitter doesn’t play valid sounds

Odd thing is, I dumped the scene files in, all the sound files, etc all in the ded’s gmod folder. I thought that doing so would fix it, and it had NO effect on it.

Anyone else have this issue? Anyone know a fix?


Forgot to mention, It did the same on my old server. Yay, Automergin’ my stuff!