Npcs and Props

Just so everybody knows, I don’t know anything about creating or editing files in gmod or what can and can’t be done (in other words don’t hate). Is it possible to create a prop that npcs can walk on without falling through or an npc that can walk on props? That would be really cool. As long as the npc is a vehicle it’s possible like the tanks from dans snpc pack. It’s just a thought… I’d be cool if someone knew how to do that.


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How about you be helpful and do something besides saying “no”?
This guy created a really nice idea, but i’m not sure it can be done.

Wait, what?
I put NPCs on props all the time, they don’t fall through o.o

Yes i know that but they do if u attempt to move the prop or sometimes if they walk around on them but usually don’t becuase
they are to stupid.