NPCs don't use weapons

Hi, I’m new to the forums so be gentle.

I recently downloaded two addons for gmod that are supposed to add weapons for NPCs.
No matter which new weapon I choose on the list the NPC will not be holding or using the weapon.
I’ve tried it with the basic npcs and some from Dan’s Final NPC Pack and it doesn’t seem to work for either.
Searched around on the forum for a solution but couldn’t find one. Plz help me.

The two addons were:

As i can see yuo downloaded the version 2-3 of the same… Maybe try delete the old one… Sometimes they are not compatible(i hate that word…) with eachother… Thats all i can think of. You COULD try to ask the one who made the package, though it seems unlikely he will answer you…

The “more npc weapons v3” requires that you have all of the sweps pre-downloaded for personal use, the addon simply makes them usable by npcs, if you don’t have those sweps then nothing will happen and your npcs won’t get any weapons. As for the other addon, I dont know sorry, maybe it’s the same problem.