NPCs drive vehicles?

i was wondering if some one could make an add-on were npcs can get in or even drive vehicles. so that instead of having them just run after you as you drive a way then go back for them later, they can just hop in a vehicle and follow you. if its possible that would be great. thanks


also if this is not were this should be posted im sorry.

Not possible. Though it would be possible to make VEHICLES into NPC’s, but it would be really hard.

It’s being done: Neural Vehicles or something. For Vehicles with AI.

No, not an addon, but someone made a map where NPC’s get into cars, and drive them, and race against you, the player. I was in the process of filming this, but never finished. I can not remember the map maker’s name. It is on the Gmod official dl site somewhere, you just have to search racing. While this can not be possible by add-on for now, it is map making. The map involved Alyx, Gman, and even a Vort, and others racing around in BMW’s, but there were hazards on the track and Combine trying to stop the race. I never saw this on an online server, besides it uses NPC’s as opponent drivers anyway.

Neuro Cars
Look at this link
you get cars and planes

Well, I think the guy that started this thread was asking about this:

These cars are driven by NPC’s, not Neuro cars driving themselves. You see how in this video NPC’s are driving BMW’s? This is NOT multiplayer, but NPC’s scripted to drive cars. I am pretty sure the player are not allowed to drive the cars the NPC’s drive.

These are not considered Neuro cars, the cars in this video are driven by NPC’s rather then having their own AI like Neuro cars. I think this car scripting is different from Neuro cars, those have a tendency to crash and kill whatever whenever they want, I don’t know who made this, but I think the way to have NPC’s drive cars is to have the car be scripted like a weapon/tool for them. All I know is this map is awesome.

dans snps has those tanks that follow you and try to shot you
maybe you could change they models and make them a bit faster… (they would still chase you)

yes that is what i meant were npc’s jump in the car and drive what would this map be called?

What would that map be called?


thank you