NPCs - for RP server

Hey I would like to place some NPC’s around the map which sell items etc.

Not trying to be a dick or anything, but theres a tutorial on there, telling you how to do this.

Link me then.

Look then… use common sense and SEARCH. Nothing more important than figuring things out on your own.

I guess I will give you a link…

Youre no fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Thankyou Wakeboarder :slight_smile: And Skull, you can go fuck off

Oooooo. Sorry, wouldn’t want you to have to learn shit for yourself… that’s what normal hard working people do. Not to mention there’s a big fucking link called TUTORIALs on the wiki. But you’re probably too lazy to look for it.

Stop trolling you lifeless nerd.

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You just trolled yourself ^




Also, Just use shopmod.

This made my day. Thank you… [sp]really… :D[/sp]

Your welcome.

You being banned made it EVEN BETTER!

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Get out.

He already got out.