NPC's go through props.

I don’t know if they are supposed to do this. but lets say that you put an npc on a plastic square, and you move that square up in the air with the physgun, well in my case if you do that, the square goes right through the npc as if nothing happened. PLEASE GIVE WAYS TO FIX THIS!

First of all,wrong section,goes into help and support. Secondly, that does happen, and all you have to do is first freeze the square into the air, then you put the npc on top.

I want to be able to move a prop around with an npc in it

Weld them together? Sorry, I really haven’t built much in Gmod.

I have seen this before. It is not possible.The npc can only collide with the world. Because they only collide with the world, you cannot place them on a prop and move the prop. They must somehow be constrained 2 gether for this to happen. I am just typing this out of my experiences.

Hoewever you could try by putting an npc on a platform and have the platform act like monorail system and have it move with thrusters.

Couldn’t you try using this?