Npcs have no health

for some reason, gmod does not like npcs that spawn with a map… they are indestructible and have 0 health… wtf is going on??

What map?

NPC’s that are spawning with maps? That’s a lot of maps, dude. It could be a glitch due to the updates and GMod’s AI system differs from HL2’s AI system. That could be a problem.

i duno what it was, but i re-installed gmod and my addons apart from NPC Ai and control and they seem to die now. any ideas why they mite not work?


arf, they don’t die again, wtf is going on? i can kill on servers but not on sp. plz help me =(

What map

its not the map, its the npcs, any map that has npcs spawning such as electriconslught or that new antlion one, the npc take no damage from me but ones that i spawn i can kill. just not map ones. i think it may have something to do with prop protection now tho…

I think god has taken over and wants all living things not to be hurt…

If you can kill ones you spawn then that’s normal. If you’re talking about ones that are already on the map put on by the creator, then they can’t be killed because the creator has made them invinsible like a prop and made them a “PrNPC” or whatever the two words mixed together could be. If you are talking about ones you spawn then I can’t help you there.

nono, the npc’s prespawned on the map are killable but i can’t kill then. prop protection would be something that could do this

sounds like a conflicting addon, definitely