NPC's in Rust?

Anyone here want NPC’s in Rust? I really don’t want zombies taken away but then again I want something added to the game, something new. NPC’s maybe :slight_smile:

Zombies are npc’s

Zombies are NPCs…?

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NPC’s as in like civilians or something in that fashion

those aren’t enemies though

Not sure. Unless you want to add NPC survivors in buildings and other areas where you can find useful Items. Arm them with axes or guns so you have more of a challenge than being the first one to find where the items spawned.

Adding civilian npc’s would be great cause some would have weapons, others would be non-hostile ones. If you killed an armed NPC, you could get a gun off him which is more realistic then getting stuff off of a zombie.

Then people can just farm guns. Players are supposed to be the humans populating the world.

I’m not sure about non-hostile NPC’s. This game isn’t that organized, in the sense that you wouldn’t find small towns of organized people looking for friendly faces. I like where you were going with it though, but so far this feels like full blown survival, your idea feels kinda like fallout in a way.

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No says they have to drop the gun and a massive amount of ammo. Hell, they could add a quality level on a gun, so you can fix it before it breaks, and if it breaks you need to make a new one or combine broken weapons to make a low quality new one and repair it from there.

Where I’m going at with this, is that the NPC’S could drop either low or no ammo for the gun they were using, and possibly drop no gun or a gun with a low quality level, so people aren’t picking up brand new assault rifles with plenty of ammo.

npc = non player character. Anything that is controlled by a computer and not a player. Zombies are NPC’s

when is rust going to be released? and how do i read the sticky cuz i don’t know where to find the release date.

I don’t think there is a set release date yet, sorry.

There should be bandit HQ’s, and you could be able to raid them and kill everyone for supplies :downs:

Off-Topic, try and talk about the fucking subject at hand.

There are. I’ve seen plenty. They are made by players.

And in general. . .
We don’t need NPC’s, as in humans who aren’t mutated, but act like you or other players. We need NPC’s, like zombies: Just things that will attack you. Players fill in human NPC roles like bandits or heros, towns-people or lone wanderers.

The zombie was human once.