NPC's not attacking/dealing damage?

This is a very fucked up problem. My gamemode Gamemaster has a problem which didn’t seem to appear on my listen server: most of the NPC’s don’t do any damage to players, and some of them don’t even attack!
To be precise: the fast zombie was the only NPC who could damage players, and the Hunter and Antlion Worker just stood there, doing nothing. The weird thing is, trying it on a different server made the damage-doing work, but the Hunter and Antlion Workers still did nothing! Any help on this one? Oh, and they also don’t make sounds…

EP2 content is on the server, right?

I will try this now.

It’s ASSmod. If you have it.

If it’s a dedicated server, this might be related

It appears there’s already a skill.cfg in the cfg folder, I assume executing that one will also fix the problem?


Update: it DOES solve the problem. Thanks!
Still, the NPC’s don’t make any sounds. Any ideas?


Update #2: I fixed the sounds, see: