Npc's On Maps

How to I make functions for npcs on maps such as move up and down form one place with another, Or don’t attack specific npc’s.I know how to create lua files for it but I want it to happen and be controlled by the map.

I spawned an npc’s and looked at all it’s functions, but the only one that is similar to what I mean is the ‘walk to entity’ but once it does this command it stops there.

Thanks in advance,

If you want a NPC that for example does not attack you do this:

Spawn a ai_relationship and name it relationship (or something else, your choise)
then spawn the npc you want, for example a npc_combine_s and name it combine (or what you want)
spawn Gordon (info_player_start) and double click him and uncheck SmartEdit and click add, then type this
key: Player
value: Player

Then click on your ai_relationship and click on subjects and type in combine
then click targets and type in Player (you can then change the dispostition for the combine)

then make a logic_auto and make a new output like this

OnMapSpawn relationship ApplyRelationship

And youre done, there are also a few video tuts on this.


That is half of it, I just need to know now how to make an npc walk form one destination to another repeatedivly.

Afraid I don’t know that, Need to learn it myself :confused:


But you’re welcome with the bit I helped you with