NPC's Request.

So, hi guys.
Can you make that models into npc’s?
I making machinima, and that would be great, if FBI models, be in npc.(faceposer, e t.d.)
And yea, all credits to modeller and npc maker.

I could try so later if you want to wait

Sure!I can wait.

Is it ok that is only gonna have 4 of the 5 models? The 2nd female model gets some problem with her eyes when compiling and there is no way to fix it from what I know


Is this good enough?

They already are NPCs . . .

Yes, it’s great!

they has no necks!

I will upload them later, I’m at my friend’s now

Ok, here you go

Oh god!
I love you man! :smiley:
Thanks you!