NPCs: Same realistic Animations like in Alyx?

I really loved the realistic movements of the NPCs in Half Life Alyx.

Will that come to this Game too for all NPC?

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The system to do so is already in the game, it’s just that it’s not being used because NPCs and players move differently.

With an animgraph, NPCs can choose a path they will follow, and animations will be picked to play to match the movement, speed, and distance to their goal.

Players instead move whenever and wherever they want, go from 0 to 100 instantly and stop on a dime, and anything less than that is “unresponsive” or “slow controls”.

Also there is little easily accessible documentation and motivation for someone to make NPCs move as realistically as HL:A does, it’s possible but why would you at this stage, maybe Facepunch will make some default NPCs, like the fauna from Rust or something.

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