NPCs should be able to see + engage players from across the map.

As title says. I’m sick of big maps being so easy to fight NPCs on. They don’t see you until you’re under around 250 units or something, it’s lame.

I want NPCs to be able to see a player from across the map, and chase after him. They should also be able to shoot from at least 3 times the distance compared to now, since they don’t like to shoot until they’re nearly close enough to smell. Either this, or maybe a console command to set each, like this:

ai_npc_notice units - from what distance will an NPC see a player.
ai_npc_chase units - from what distance will an NPC begin to chase a player.
ai_npc_fire units - from what distance will an NPC fire at a player.


Also something to make all enemy NPCs use the tactic that makes them want to constantly get closer to you.

Make your own

This is the requests forum. I would rather a Lua coder sees this and makes it for me. I don’t have to learn Lua if I don’t want to. Your suggestion is irrelevant, your post is uncalled for.

e: Plus, I’d prefer if it extended to all enemy NPCs. Not just one SNPC. I think I made that clear enough, really.

I didnt mean it like “Go make your own, ffs”.

If you actually clicked the link, it’s copy paste and change of model.

Let me say this again.

I don’t want a changed model. I want already existing NPCs to have this behavior.

I did click the link, and it is irrelevant to my interests.

I could give this a weensy shot,may you please tell me any specific units you want the NPC to spot you from.

I’d be really happy if they spotted you from 10000 units away.

They should both shoot at you after spotting you, and try to get closer to you constantly. If they did both that would be really awesome.

You’re not going to be able to change an existing NPC. A new NPC is going to have to be created with a longer view range. A metrocop is gonna spot you from however far he does, you just can’t change it.

And why is the aiming ability of an NPC able to be changed, as well as if he can throw grenades or not, how many he has, etc.?

And not even with a script setting this before or on map load, with a menu ingame.

Why can’t the view range be changed?

Those options are in the game’s code already, the scripts you’re referring to just alter some variables.

Some variables that didn’t use to be possible but are now. I’m sure it can be done but would probably require garry to add something to it before it can happen.

In HalfLife 2 they shoot you from alot further away than they do in garrys mod.

That’s because the Long Sight/Shoot Distance flag is checked for most of them in Hammer. I am guessing this may be able to be changed, right through Lua.

I hope Garry does some AI updates if that’s needed…

Please do this.

I might be able to script some npcs into lua to make this work, kind of how someone made the HL2 weapons into lua.