NPC's spawn point help

Hey guyz
This is claren daines,
I bought Gmod 10 a few days ago and i need some help
So here it goes
i want to create NPC spawn points in my map
to be more specific
i want to set a particular location in my map where a certain NPC keeps spawning untill reaching a specific limit
here’s an example,
I want to spawn poison zombies in the south of my map and combine soldiers in the north
soldiers/zombies keep spawning untill they reach the limit that is 20.
if any soldier/zombie is killed another soldier/zombie will spawn at the spawn point…i have seen people doing this in videos…but I didnt get any replies from them…hard luck
i hope i get a reply from you guyz :slight_smile:
waiting for a reply
P.S. As im a newbie i’d like a step by step tut :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are asking how to make your own map with spawn points, I can’t help you there, but there is an NPC spawning tool, which you can find here:

Just use the tool, which you put in your garrysmod/addons folder, by selecting the max number of NPCs from that spawner, and delay, etc. Then, place it on the ground and toggle it on with the numpad key you selected in the tool menu.

Thanx a lot bro
I didnt want to make my own map
I just wanted to place NPC spawn platforms
Thank you for the reply…but
it didn’t help me :frowning:
The reason is i cant download stuff from
I had discussed this prob with ppl on forums like these
But i didn’t get a solution
FYI i have a steam account which owns gmod…named CLAREN
But whenever i try to Download stuff from it says the account doesnt seem to own gmod
its friggen irritating
Garry doesn’t own most of the content on that site
infact 90% of content is from users
So its unkind of garry to ask for verification and stuff

Now going back to my prob…is there an alternative link for that NPC spawn platform download?
or can someone get me the owner’s Email? that i can contact him personally and convince him to upload it somewhere else

thank again for the precious reply…really appreciate it

What part of the verification doesn’t work for you? I think the way you verify has changed; it no longer asks you to put the string of characters into your page info box, and now simply asks for your Steam username and password. Your username is NOT always going to be what your display name is; you will have to think back to what your name was originally, when you first created your account.

Can we see a link to your Steam Profile?

I’m a little suspicious too; I searched Claren and only found accounts that haven’t been online in over a year, except “Lance Claren”.

when i read your post
i was gathering up info to prove that i legally own gmod
and what do i see when i go thorugh my email account for the confirmation mails sent by steam

"Dear omg128,

Welcome to Steam!

In order to help maintain the security of your Steam account, please verify your email address by clicking the following link:"

My USERNAME wasnt claren!
its ‘omg128’
(i got confused coz long ago i had already made a steam account named ‘claren’ in order to purchase the orange box)
Damn sorry guyz again
so…the login problems that i was having was because of my stupidity

I have recovered the corrected user names and passwords of my both accounts

BTW how come you my account ‘claren’ wasnt online for over a year :confused:
I didnt play HL2 episodes that long ago :X

sorry for the probs
I couldn’t download stuff coz i really didnt own gmod in my aacount ‘claren’
everything’s fine now
man Im feeling so dumb!

Now, take your username that you know and the password and verify on, you should be able to download the file then and get your NPC spawn points.

Done already xD