NPCs T-Pose when using a custom SWEP

I’m making a swep that I want to work with npcs as well as players. It functions just fine with npcs, but the npc will T-pose for a second or two after firing the gun. Setting the proper firing animation with “SetAnimation(PLAYER_ATTACK1)” does cause both the player and npc to use the right holding animation, but the npc will T-pose when the firing animation should play. I also tried changing the HoldType from pistol (which combine soldiers can’t use) to shotgun (which combine soldiers can use). While this does change how the player holds the gun, the npcs continue to T-pose as if nothing had happened. How would I fix this? I can’t seem to find anything relevant to it on the official wiki.

Not all default NPCs can hold certain types of weapons. For ex. Combine Soldiers can’t hold Pistols.