Npc's that are able to be "remoddeled"

I know that if you use lua, you can remoddel npcs, like npc_citizen and npc_combine_s, making it possible to make new models for citizens etc, is this possible for other npc’s? and why can’t I use this on birds? (remodel birds)

The model needs correct animations, that’s why your birds ain’t working. Most human models are based on a citizen/combine and thus have animations aswell.

well, if you have Zeno Clash and Garry’s Mod, (or other games (HL1)) you should know that the models are possible to be made NPC’s of, by just remodelling…
This is the script I’m talking about:

local Category = "[Category Name]"

local NPC = { 	Name = "[NPC Name]", 
				Class = "npc_combine_s",
				Model = "model/model.mdl",
				Category = Category	}

list.Set( "NPC", "npc_none", NPC )

is it possible to change the class from “npc_combine_s” to something like “npc_crow”?

It’s possible in LUA, but you need to create a SNPC.

If you change it to npc_crow, you will just have a combine standing there in T-pose because the combine model doesn’t have any flying animations.

Why am I rated twice disagree, IT IS possible in lua isn’t it?!

He’s asking for animations, you can’t make animations in LUA :downs:

I’m pretty sure he said that he want to change the class name :confused:

I’m not asking for animations,
I KNOW you can do this in lua,
and it will NOT be a combine in T-pose, since it’s a dragon from another game, WITH fly animations :wink:
BUT, making it a “npc_crow” does not work, since the npc only spawns as crow… why can’t it be remodelled?

Err-- It doesn’t matter if the model has just some random flying animations; It has to have crow animations.

If you’re spawning a default NPC you need to change it’s model AFTER it has spawned. It still won’t fly tough.

Some NPCs don’t work when they have their models changed. Try contacting Shotgunguy49 or Shotgunguy.