Npc's using entites

Im a bit of a programing dweeb, but is there a way that you could program or script an npc to use an entity?

what do you mean? like eating bouncy balls? walking to a bouncy ball then use it?

Or flying one of those scripted helicopter vehicles. That’d be pretty cool.

I mean could you make an npc walk up to an entity and use it, like flying a helicopter or using the pod launcher.

Closest thing I can think of is giving an NPC a model animation that LOOKS like (s)he’s using the entity, and setting off the entity yourself (remotely) at JUST the right moment.

that would “look” cool, but doesn’t serve much purpose. I want to see npc’s actually using vehicles and pods and all sorts of stuff for there own ends, good or bad.

In that case, it can’t be done.

whyyyyyy nooooooot…(whines dramatically to himself) Oh well, You sure there’s no way

I “think” it’s because NPCs aren’t “simulated players” or bots

What if you recorded a player using an entity or vehicle, could the npc then simulate/emulate it?

i have an idea:

  1. the npc walks up to the pod launcher
  2. the pod launcher removes the npc to make it look like it got in it
  3. a pod launches
  4. when the pod lands, it respawns a npc of the same type

i have an idea that i havent made yet, a swep that drops a pod to send re-enforcements of some kind of npc.

btw thx for advertising my sent in the odst thread =)

No prob on the advertizing…ill upload a link later so its easyer for people to find. You idea sounds great btw, i just dont know how you would script the movement, AND trigger the entity at realatively the same time.