NPCs wont act

I started playing Gmod again after quitting for months. When I started playing I noticed that NPCs will be almost glued to the ground. They’ll rotate to fallow me but wont attack or fallow. They also wont respond to eachother. Is there anyone else who has this problem or knows how to fix it?

What map were you playing in?

Hmm, SOME of the NPCs don’t do shit. like gMan or Breen. did you test it in construct with alyx, a rebel or a metrocop?


Yes AI is enabled. The problem happens on all maps but I mostly play on gm_construct. I do mostly combine soldiers and rebels. The zombies work fine. The AI reacts to me by rotating to look at me, it just doesn’t responded like it use to. Combine used to attack me as if it was a normal game or they would actively fight the rebels. Now everything is just stuck rotating in one area.

Do they react to each other? That sounds like you’ve got ignore players on.

I agree with spacewolf u might have ignore players on

I do not have ignore player on, they react to me, and to each other if they are close enough.