Npc's wont fire rpg rounds

The Npc’s in my gmod lately wont fire rpg rounds or use the crossbow either. Anyone else got the same issue and can it be resolved somehow?

This has happened for a long time.

Have they ever?..

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Rebels dont have the AI to fire rpg’s, i dont think they fire them in hl2.

thanks kwout

Certain npcs cant use those weapons. From what i know no npc can use the crossbow, and only rebels and citizens only use rpgs. And when they use rpgs they only fire on big targets or far away targets. plus unlike in hl2 the gmod rebels and citizens wont use the lazer and follow the enemy. They will simply fire and most likely miss the target.

they didn’t use the laser in hl2 either. they just fired, occasionally hit, and for some reason always caused such little damage that they never killed anything. 1 time I ended up getting hit directly with an rpg round and I only lost like 30 health

I know right? I fucking hate whan my ass is in cover and a rebel cant kill a god dam strider in 3 fucking shots! Its like 12 shots to them!

Takes gordon 5 shots and a rebel 23 shots