Hi, I’ve just started a StarwarsRP server and was trying to do a mini event with NPCs but only staff seem to be able to kill them is there anyway to enable all users as well as staff to kill NPC’s

Where did you get this StarWarsRP from? Did you check in FPP or DarkRP settings?

all StarwarsRP is is a different name for DarkRP and yea I did but I cant see it anywhere

This is not support forum, if you can code, we can help you to find the solution, but don’t expect us to write something to fix your issue just because we are developers

I did not at any point say hey can you write me some code I didn’t say I couldn’t code yes its very basic but I didn’t say I couldn’t and also I know this isn’t a support forum I only asked for help because I thought it would be something to do with the config files etc.

Hmm maybe try seeing if the npc’s are able to be damaged by others besides admins in the addons files

or see if they are god modded?

if they were god moded how would I ungo them

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That is something i dont know how to do im just saying things that might be the problem see you can search it up online

do your weapons that the non admins use kill any other npc? and are they able to kill other players with the weapon?

It seems to be working now thanks for all the help