NS:DayZ Release

Hello Facepunch,

I eventualy decided to make this public, because I don’t want to host it anymore,
the server is still online right now, but will go down soon. > <
The server is near full pretty much all day, so theres always people to play with.
It’s working on the NS framework ( which is pretty neat ).

Some features:

  • Automatic zombie spawns ( only on rp_stalker )
  • Automatic looting
  • Uses FA:S 2
  • Fishing
  • Cooking
  • Crafting
  • Basebuilding
  • Squad options
  • Safezone
  • Leveling up ( which doenst do anything )
  • Supports 3 maps: rp_stalker, rp_pripyat_p, rp_evocity2_v2p

If you want to acctualy use it you’re gonna have to install a few things, sorry for that.
Misc Addons ( models, sounds and vehicles )

Feel free to ask questions in the comments!
( or just add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198023104695/ )

Credit goes to:

  • The creators of the Nutscript framework
  • Me for making the DayZ parts, and putting things together and making the maps work with the gamemode
  • Flux for helping out with some coding

If you think its worth a donation, you can send me a message and I can give you some details.


This is my first post on FP, no rage pls :c

If I forgot to give credit where it’s due, I will change add it.

Thanks for this

Looks like loads of nutscript scripts rammed together, but good effort non-the-less.

Yeah, well I also made some of my own, like basebuilding and fishing.

nice of you, ty

is this all one Workshop ID? overall is Slog Models Pack? LOL

Thanks for contributing.

Damn. I was working on something similar called Apocalypse. Same concept.

This looks really nice though. I put it on my test server for a bit to look around. Nice work!

-snip- Don’t want to break the rules

I saw the screenshot of the this gamemode 2weeks ago that was pretty awsome!

Why are all the workshop links going to the same pack?

Can you teach how to set personal locker?
and way to delete.

Fixed links for those who are lazy just to copy damn link. Also some of them have been deleted.

How did you make the links like that? I have no idea how to use this text editor.

[noparse]Link to URL.com[/noparse]¨

Link to URL.com

Where is the squad menu?

you Press F2.

That doesn’t make any sense. How can you call people lazy when you using something and doing it wrong in the first place? Sure you might of not known at the time, but by your logic I can call you lazy for not checking your links before posting.

If you going to use something, use it, otherwise don’t bother. You don’t buy a car and get told “Oh the wheel don’t turn? Oh your too lazy to put them on right.”


Thanks !!
Can i ask one more questions?
I’m looking Vario’s placed Notiboards and safezone entity.
I think he used persist function in context menu for saving entity.
I tried like that but it dosent work… I missed something?