[NS] Nutscript Customization Help

Hey guys,

I’m in the process of trying to establish a new role-play server using the Nutscript - I’ve got myself a server (30 slots) and I’m working on a forum to go with it ( http://6thcadian.proboards.com/ ), it’s the first Imperial Guard/Warhammer RP server that I know to exist and is something I’m very passionate about.

I’ve also fine combed through all the models and maps to be used on the server, so from that side of things; it’s ready to go. How-ever this is my first time trying to customize a script and although Nutscript appears to be the most user friendly; I’ve been working long in to the night and morning to try and edit around names, model replacements and getting nowhere.

I’m using Nitrous Networks TCAdmin Panel along side FireZilla to edit the files on the server.

As such if any of you guys have any tutorial recommendations where I could attempt to better myself to customize this script for the new RP server, please let me know; or if you’re feeling particularly inspired to join in with the server, then again; I’d welcome the help.

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Nevermind this post, sorry guys. I’ve been naive, looks like it’s a coder hire job I’m looking for.