NS: World War One Serious Roleplay

Everything was good until I got to that asinine FAQ. The gamemode looks okay though.

passive rp? in the middle of the trenches of world war 1? what the actual fuck lol

personally i’d set it in a prison camp or an occupied village or something because i’m pretty sure the only thing people did in the trenches was either shoot at the enemy or sit around passing the time until the next opportunity to shoot at the enemy arose

Any idea when or if this be released?

7 dumb ratings, I think I’ve hit a personnel record.

Ah, so that’s when it’ll be out.

Snip the FAQ and I guarantee you won’t get as many mor

“Lewa Kihng”


You can use for 1 time.

The weapons and models seems to be pretty nice, but a map that was not created for RP won’t be a good map for RP. And with that FAQ, you seem to be pretty arrogant and it seems that you don’t care for public opinion, and even if we suggest you something, I can say that you’re going to say “Don’t say to me what to do with my server”, just a thought.

It sounds like a good idea but I really don’t think it would last. It’s too restrictive of a setting.

“A small bottle containing a mouth full of rum”

Yeah I usually slam fifths of rum in one mouth full too?

you’ve obviously never been to ireland or australia, a fifth of rum is a viable substitute for brushing your teeth in the morning here

I would save bread, soup an chocolate for 2 days each. Wouldn’t eat in 1 day.

what the flying fuck are you talking about???