Nsc dark rp! Evocity2

NSC Dark rp IS now Running Evo2 On its server. We Insist on everyone coming, its only a 10 slot So Hurry Fast.

Server Addons: Vehicle pack, fueled mod, WireSvn Phx2 Sickness models and More!


A good portion of this subforum are 100% full blown DarkRP haters.

Enjoy your company in your server.

More detail, or have you not read this yet?

10 slot on evo2? That’s going to be a big, empty town then.


This server sucks their admins abuse with no evidence… Trust me, i was a victom

Yea most of the admins are fags. Im not one of them, Its Sneaky Taco. Ningauble Gives admin to anyone thats played on the server for fuckin Ten Minutes Its Gay

Then why advertise it if it sucks so much?

I got banned for telling the admins to shut the fuck up and fuck off cuz he was abusing, lying yeah i disrespected one admin because he was disrespecting users and breaknig rules and abusing. so yeah none of the admins would do shit. Ningauble is a fucking retard he doesnt even check the logs

Yeah, He Depends on everyone to do stuff for him, he barely knows how to run a server.

10 slot on Evocity. What a sad little town.

ah hem my server and we are now changed to gm mobenix oh and nofear i banned you because u cussed peeps out and were being a nuisance abnd then you threatened to hack us


and i dont need help anymore i needed to know a few things and my admins dont abuse anymore so this page is now void


Another Mingy DarkRP server…
DarkRP = PropKillDeathMatchRP

Dude, your like 9.

What are you doing wrong:
running on DarkRP
Running a 10 slot server on evocity2, a map that is VERY FUCKING BIG FOR ONLY 10 PEOPLE.
Posting a poor description of your community. Have a look at this

Its the same at Xxeon’s server on darkrp because he uses his admin HE FUCKING USED ME TO DO CODING THEN WHEN ME AND JAY GOT DONE HE CHANGED ALL PASS AND FUCKING BANED US

omg i had Evocity and you changed it.
IM NOT JOINING!!1111oenonneone

Ok ningauble its me Lillypads/puppyluvver/landlubber/rickashaygirl/sync activated (lawl) I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR YOUR SERVER FOR LIKE 3 YEARS!!! Ever since my bro’s PC broke i’ve been away from gmod. But now i’ve got my own PC and i would really like you to be my friend in gmod and tell me if the effing server is still alive -_-


O and please tell me the fucking IP for the server -_- CMON REPLY !!!

The admins there are terible i wont join unless the admins are removed