NSF guys getting owned by a Jinrai tank...

Because a great big BF2142 mech is better than a spindly anime spider tank any day:


Original (feel free to edit):http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/102/ntisolationctg0002.jpg

C&C if you please.

PS. Special thanks to The Vman for some help with the editing!

:C THats very good chesty…too good

i really like the explosion, but shouldnt there be some snow in it?

I tried doing that but it looked shit so I gave up.

Not bad, not bad at all!

The explosion looks pretty good, but imo it looks a little too… “hectic” Too many changes from black and grey and it doesn’t have a very smoke like texture.
It lacks a bit of depth (dodge and burn it like it was a 3d object, darkening the areas where light wouldn’t be hitting) You did a good job of this on the leftmost shrapnel trail, but the rest looks a little like a cloud filter.

Keep practicing, you will get better over time :keke:

With the other two shrapnel trails I was trying to get a sense of perspective by making them shorter and stubbier than the one of the left. Guess it didn’t work.

Haha thanks for your comment, Vman.

That explosion doesn’t feel intense enough at all, on the other hand the flash is badass.

Nice picture!!

I fucking told you.

Jinrai are WAY better than those NSF pussies. :smug:

I don’t think that’s a tank. It has legs.

Tank on legs :smug:


That’ll be why they’re getting fucking owwwwned!

Mech. Tank. All the same if you ask me. I bet if the US Army developed mechs they’d still call it a tank just so they didn’t sound like Armoured Core or some crazy shit like that.

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

In other news, I’m thinking of reskinning/recolouring the Jinrai troops into futuristic US Army guys. Sound good? If it works out well I might try and reskin/recolour the NSF guys to North Korean soldiers or some other dangerous commie nation.

I bet they’d call it “robot” , or walker or fuck if i know. All i know that it’s a mech. :v: And i sure love mechs.

Then comment on teh pictooor!

Oooh I know what they’d call it! They’d call it an “all terrain scout tank” or bigger versions might be called an “all terrain assault tank”… ATST and ATAT… hmm… has a good ring to it.


The picture is alright. Nothing bad or wrong.

But what if it had like legs with tank tracks.

I think that would defeat the purpose of legs.

It looks very good, but for some reason it’s missing some dynamic, like bulletimpacts behind the body, blood and some more dirt.

I don’t think an arm would come off that easily >.> Theirs bones, muscles, ligaments, and plenty of things that would keep it attached… Unless a flying peice of metal happened to slice it off.

Yeah it does feel a little bit empty doesn’t it?

Bullets of very large caliber tend to blow off appendages.