NSRP - Friendly Rust Clan looking for more people!

Are you looking for a safe place to stay in?
Are you looking for friends to help get you started?
Or do you just want to socialize with a clan and do things like raiding, hunting, looting, and gathering?

You can do all this - and much much more, join us!

National Socialist Rust Party (NSRP) welcomes you! We are currently 3 active, experienced and dedicated players. We own a large 4 story hotel in a safe, controlled enviroment with a protected periphery. Floors are divided with passwords, meaning you can access what you have earned. We are constructing a second house, but we are in need of more manpower!

  • Every recruit will be equipped with armor, gathering tools and food.
  • You will have access to one of the safest Rust Hotels in the vicinity
  • We will set out on clan raid parties, and airdrop pickup parties

How to connect to us:
Press F1 to open console. Type in the following:
You can later add the server to your favorites from the server history tab.

This server was wiped 24.02, and will NOT BE WIPED AGAIN.

Join our Steam group and contact us for more information!

We are looking forward to seeing you on Rust!