Ntx_cairostation WIP

So I might as well make a WIP thread for this. It’s a map of the main section of Cairo Station from Halo 2. The only parts its not going to include is the exterior drydock area and everything afterwards (cargo elevator, firing control center, pstencil hangar), the room between the two commons, as well as the bridge. Mostly because I think I’m gonna be hitting some brush limits soon. (I already get some “too many brushes stuffs gonna lag son” errors already) and I don’t feel like making a bunch of stuff in 45 degree angles. But I might make that stuff into a secondary map at some point.

Have some WIP pictures: (not embedded because I’m a new user, links to my website where I’m storing the pictures for now.)


As you can see its got custom textures and does also have custom sounds with a “working” MAC cannon. I’m hoping I can get this finished and onto the workshop soon.

And yes, it’s got an innacurate but still well sized 3D skybox :slight_smile:

Omg I remember this map from my childhood, nice job! One suggestion, i think the environment was a bit lighter in halo, it seems very dark in these pics.

Hmm… you’re probably right, I thought it was just Source’s lighting differences but going through my old screenshots shows that the original Cairo Station’s a lot brighter, thanks for the tip.

Steam Workshop page

And I’ve “finished” it. I’ve still got some things I’d like to do with the map but this will do for a release